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Professional skin treatments are the required maintenance for your skin, just like oil changes are for your car.

Do them regularly and you’ll reap the greatest benefits… but ignore them and those little blemishes and break outs become more frequent and annoying just like those rattles in your car.

Our skin is our largest organ, but it tends to be the one that is most ignored. People are often most concerned about eating quality foods and consuming adequate water but overlooking skin care because we think that those other healthy behaviors are enough, is sadly misguided. While nutrition and hydration are critical, equally important is sunscreen application and daily usage of quality, non-toxic skin care products.

A spa facial may seem like a luxury item or be enjoyed as a relaxing day to catch up with girlfriends.

Of course, facials can be that, but quality facials are so much more than just an hour of sheer bliss.

Professional skin care is a way of saying “I love you” to your skin.

Professional facials bestow a radiant glow to the skin, reduce tension, and stimulate collagen and elastin all while increasing microcirculation and vitality.

These are all benefits that are just not possible to achieve with a $10 face mask from the drugstore or beauty aisle. A professional skin treatment at Aura comes with expert opinions and guidance. You may have come in on an appointment for the latest and greatest skin treatment but when one of our experienced aestheticians looks at your skin may suggest a different treatment based on what is currently happening with your skin. Without this expert advice, you may end up wasting your money buying the “latest and greatest” treatment but it might not necessarily the best for your skin type or address your real areas of concern.

#1 Stay Looking Younger

Younger and healthy-looking skin is work. Take care of your skin regularly, with a daily home care regimen and regular monthly facials. With age comes the loss of skin elasticity as the production of collagen diminishes. During facial treatments, professionals use chemical peels, face packs, masks, serums and creams enriched with botanical extracts that stimulate the production of collagen and reduce the signs of aging. Regular professional facial massages can also boost cell regeneration and promote collagen development.

#2 Keep Your Skin Looking Vibrant

Exfoliation is the process where dead skin cells are gently sloughed off your skin’s surface. When skin cells die and pile up on the surface, your skin can become rough and dry. While you can exfoliate your skin using a scrub at home, if you want to see better skin-brightening results, set an appointment for a professional facial, it’s your best option. The use of high-quality chemical peels thoroughly cleanses the skin’s surface, revealing a healthy, glowing layer of skin beneath.

#3 Maintain and Improve Circulation

Improved blood circulation and lymphatic flow in the face means that your cells are getting plenty of oxygen and nutrients carried along with the blood. Improved blood flow translates into healthier and more efficient cells along with a radiant face. At your next appointment, ask your aesthetician about adding oxygen to your facial to bring some much-needed circulation and hydration to the skin! Oxygen infused facials may also help the skin generate new cells, stimulate collagen growth, and kill bacteria for a radiant, lasting glow.

#4 Reduce Your Stress and Distress

There are hundreds of pressure points on the face connected to various systems in your body. An excellent facial massage not only keeps your skin glowing, but it also affects the proper functioning of your other organs. Think of it as an exercise for your face! As a novice, it is difficult to know where all of your facial pressure points, visiting a professional for your facial massage will offer a range of effective healing methods, from facial reflexology to lymphatic drainage.

#5 Detox Your Skin

It’s impossible to avoid all the pollution and damage caused by environmental free radicals. These accumulate on the skin’s surface and clog the pores. Your skin needs to rid the waste that accumulates on it regularly, and if not performed correctly, it results in breakouts. Apart from cleaning and washing your face daily, professional facials aid in the detoxification process. Therapists use ingredients, such as antioxidant-rich creams, sea salt, herbal extracts, and oils, to make your face fresh and radiant. During a facial, the professional opens up those clogged pores and removes dead skin cells, thus minimizing acne and breakouts.

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The question now is, “How often should I get a professional facial?” And the answer for how often you need a professional facial depends on several factors:

Skin Type

If you have oily skin that’s prone to acne and breakouts, try a facial treatment every two weeks to calm the skin. In the case of combination, dry, or normal skin, once every month is sufficient.

Skin Condition

Do you have blackheads or dull skin? Acne and hyperpigmentation? The frequency of your facial treatments will depend on the problem you have, all of which should be discussed with your aesthetician.

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Skin Care Goals

If you want beautiful, younger looking skin for a lifetime or if you have concerns about your skin’s appearance, you should follow the facial routine suggested by your aesthetician religiously. During your mid-twenties is a great time to start a regular professional skincare routine.


If you have a tight budget, try getting a facial done quarterly. Something is always better than doing nothing. Remember your skin is your biggest organ, when you put your best face forward you will begin seeing multiple

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