Microneedling: What it is
and why we love it!

Maybe you’ve seen the pictures of celebrities with blood smeared across their faces. Perhaps you have a friend who told you about this new treatment called microneedling. And because it has the word “needle” in it, you recoil. Let’s take a moment and discuss how safe, effective and comfortable microneedling really is.

5 Reason You Need to See Your Aesthetician Regularly

Our skin is our largest organ, but it tends to be the one that is most ignored. People are often most concerned about eating quality foods and consuming adequate water but overlooking skin care because we think that those other healthy behaviors are enough, is sadly misguided.  While nutrition and hydration are critical, equally important is sunscreen application and daily usage of quality, non-toxic skin care products.


Skin Care Ingredients Do Matter

The saying that “whatever you put into your system you’re going to see on your face and body” is absolutely true! All the ingredients that you both consume and apply to your skin really do matter and have an enormous impact on your skin radiating to its fullest potential.

5 Reasons Chem Peels are Awesome

Often clients are intimidated by the term “chemical peel”. I mean, who wants the words “chemical” and “peel” associated with their face? We get it! But here’s the thing. Done properly by a well-educated, advanced aesthetician, they are AMAZING!


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