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Laser Hair Reduction

Look Your Naturally Expressive Best

If you’ve been searching online for “laser hair reduction near me” or “laser hair reduction Portland”, we’d be happy to welcome you to our Portland location to experience silky skin totally unencumbered by hair. Laser hair reduction is permanent and works particularly well for lip, chin, underarms and bikini hair removal, but can be successfully used virtually all over the body. You can go right back to wearing makeup the day after each appointment with renewed confidence in the beautiful new smooth look and feel of your skin.

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What to Expect

Every woman has heard the rumor that dealing with unwanted hair will only make it grow back thicker and faster. Laser hair reduction completely rewrites this tale by instead making your hair grow back much thinner and more slowly following every appointment.

After receiving the right number of laser hair reduction treatments, you can expect a lasting reduction in hair growth and potentially complete permanent hair loss in the targeted areas. Each session you attend saves you time, money and irritation in the future while simultaneously giving you even, velvety skin to enjoy now.

How it Works

During laser hair reduction a trained technician will run a very concentrated light beam over your skin through a handheld device. It efficiently works right at the source as the color in the hair follicle absorbs the powerful light. When this happens, heat is created which then destroys the hair and discourages future growth. This makes laser hair reduction an impressively potent tool in contrast to those which only get rid of the top layer of hair.

Sessions may take as little as 10 minutes for facial hair reduction for women or up to an hour for hair reduction on larger areas such as the legs or arms. Multiple appointments will be needed to achieve long-term results. The number, frequency, and length of sessions you require will depend on the area you’re focusing on – 4-8 sessions each taking place approximately 1-2 months apart is typical. Occasional sessions may be needed later on to ensure lasting effects.

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A Customized Plan of Care

You are unique and so is your body. Before starting the laser hair reduction process, meet with your Aura Aesthetics technician to develop a customized plan of care specially designed to help you feel confident that you are making the right choice. Together we’ll thoughtfully discuss any factors which could affect your experience, including hormonal changes, hair thickness, laser hair reduction cost, and more.

Important Laser Hair Reduction Guidance:

  • Our laser directly targets pigment, this form of hair reduction is typically recommended for women with lighter skin tones and thick, dark hair.
  • Laser hair reduction can be especially effective for those wishing to counteract excessive hair growth (hirsutism).
  • Our hair reduction technique supplies noticeably more effective results than other painful removal methods like waxing or more temporary removal methods like shaving.
  • Certain medications such as antibiotics may make your skin more vulnerable during treatment.
  • Tattoos should be avoided during laser hair reduction so as not to lift the ink’s color.
  • If you dread having to constantly shave during the warmer months, plan ahead with the Aura Aesthetics team so you can get ultra-smooth skin for summer.

Those who struggle with ingrown hairs will likely experience relief with laser hair reduction service. By lowering the amount of hair and removing the hair shaft, you will get considerably fewer ingrown hairs in your lifetime. This means that permanent hair reduction saves you from unpleasant ingrown hair removal down the road.

Your Comfort & Safety

We care deeply about your comfort in addition to the efficacy of our treatments. You can trust that laser hair reduction is a safe process made even safer in the hands of a qualified, experienced Aura Aesthetics professional. Eyewear will be used to give full eye protection during each procedure.

Afterwards we will gladly recommend appropriate measures to take in the event of any minor soreness. To protect the affected area, sunscreen should be used following sessions.

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